1.Container inspection                                                 

Check the container condition, whether there is a hole or crack on the top, side and bottom wall of container. Container door and seal must be on good condition and can be closed tightly. Also the container must be in dry and clean condition.

Please check the humidity of wood floor if the container use wood floor, and insure the humidity is no more than 20% as it would increase the risk of damp or you need to increase the dosage of desiccant.

2.Seal air ventilation on the container wall         

Desiccant is effective in a close environment. If the container door is not closed tightly, there is leakage on container, or air ventilation is not closed properly, desiccant will not able to absorb the moisture which continually enter from outside. There fore please insure container in a close condition.


3.Inspect packaging bag condition                                      .

Check the packaging bag condition to insure no leakage or damage during transportation. Do not use the leakage or damage product as it has possibility been exposed to moisture

4.Installation                                                                 .

Open the packaging bag and hang the Humiabsorbent desiccant to the iron hoop of the container wall. The quantity for some really dry cargo e.g. steel coil, spare part, house holds, textile needs 6 – 8 units of Humiabsorbent for 20 ft and 8 – 10 unit for 40 ft. For most of normal cargo needs 8 – 10 units for 20 ft and 10 – 12 units for 40 ft. For some cargo which is very difficult of moisture properties on long voyage, e.g. furniture, agriculture products needs 10 – 12 units for 20 ft and 12 – 14 units for 40 ft. Put two unit Humiabsorbent desiccant in the space close to the container doors.


5.Load the goods to container and close container’s door tightly                      

Stack the products neatly and please make sure not cover the surface of the desiccant container.


Store the remaining desiccant in a dry condition and insure no leakage, with desiccant packaging bag wrap tightly.