Humiabsorbent pharma for pharmaceutical packaging

high moisture absorption in packaging desiccants with gelling agent.

Humiabsorbent pharma active material is calcium chloride, which is aggressively absorb moisture from the air. Effective in controlling moisture inside of pharmaceutical packaging to prevent humidity.

The humiabsorbent pharma is packed in machines and production room were clean hygienic standards compliant packaging drugs and food.

Humiabsorbent pharma  is easy to use. Just remove from its sealed packaging bag and put it inside the pharmaceutical packaging. The active material absorb from the surrounding air passing in through its breathable packaging material. The humiabsorbent gelling agent ensures absorbed moisture stays in the product.

The humiabsorbent pharma quantity needed depend on various factors such as size and type of packaging length of storage, and handling

We can assist you to calculate the right number of humiabsorbent pharma needed for your storage.

Humiabsorbent pharma is one time useable products and disposable as normal regular waste.

The calcium chloride and gelling agent are non toxic and polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics are recyclable.