Every year thousands of containers shipped by sea are damaged by humidity or moisture problems. When the container arrives in the destination the cargo found to be mold, corrosion, rust, fungus, mildew, and deterioration. It is mainly caused by humidity, cargo sweat and container rain. This problem costs manufacturers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, trading companies, importers, and customers several million dollars.

HUMIABSORBENT help you to protect your valuable cargo from humidity damage by adsorbing, reducing the humidity, and then create dry environment inside cargo container. HUMIABSORBENT is natural absorbent with gelling agent, obtained SGS testing certification, thus the product is effective, safe and friendly environment.


  • Agricultural Product : coffee, tea, tobacco, nuts, cocoa, ginger, pepper, flour, rice, seed, etc.
  • Wooden Products : furniture, timber, etc.
  • Electrical Products : cable, appliances, toys, etc.
  • Leather Products : footwear, bags, etc.
  • Metal Products : sheets, coils, spare part, machinery, furniture, etc
  • Textiles Products : garments, fabric, etc.


What is Humiabsorbent desiccant 

A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness in it local vicinity in a moderately well sealed container or packing box.

Humiabsorbent is calcium chloride desiccant which is very aggressively absorb moisture from the air,   reducing the humidity in cargo container and create dry environment in cargo container. Humiabsorbent is natural absorbent with gelling agent, thus the product is safe and friendly environment.

What types of desiccant                                                                             .

Silica gel, calcium sulfate, calcium chloride, montmorillonite clay, and molecular sieves are commonly used as desiccant. Among of the above desiccant types, Calcium chloride is quite effective in absorbing moisture. It has a natural antibiotic and anti fungal effect, and not harmful to human when consumed in moderate quantities. Clay is also popular base material for packed desiccant. It is effective in absorbing moisture and quite low cost production.

The weakness of clay as desiccant is that clay to absorb moisture but it will release the moisture once it gets its saturation level or when it been heated.  Silica gel also has the same feature with clay, there fore both silica gel and clay can be recycled by thermally induced drying.

How does humiabsorbent desiccant work                                    .

Humiabsorbent desiccant protect product through process which called as adsorption. Where one substance is chemically integrated into another, during adsorption, moisture is held inside a desiccant by physical bonds and no chemical changes. Humiabsorbent desiccant adsorb this moisture quickly and thoroughly, preventing condensation during transport and storage. The desiccant then starts into a gel as it is continues to absorb moisture.

How many unit Humiabsorbent desiccant needs            .

Depend on the cargo temperature condition during the voyage, the length of voyage, and the type of product shipped. For some really dry cargo e.g. steel coil, spare part, house holds, textile needs 6 - 8 units of Humiabsorbent for 20 ft and 8 – 10 units for 40 ft. For most of normal cargo needs 8 - 10 units for 20 ft and 10 – 12 units for 40 ft. For some cargo which very difficult of moisture properties on long voyage e.g. furniture, agriculture product needs 10 -12 units for 20 ft and 12 – 14 units for 40 ft.

What is relative humidity (RH) .

Relative humidity measures the amount of moisture in the air. It is expressed in percentage of how much moisture the air could possible hold. The drier the air means the lower the relative humidity, the wetter the air means the higher the relative humidity.

What are the most common problems caused by moisture or humidity .

Moisture or humidity in container cause problem such as mold, fungus, mildew, rust decay, lumping, caking, decomposition, and malfunction in electronic.

Can I reuse the Humiabsorbent desiccant .

Humiabsorbent desiccant is one time useable, friendly environmental, and disposable as normal waste.